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Trends in the off-line programming of industrial robots

Trends in der Off-line-Programmierung von Industrierobotern
: Jordan, G.; Josub, A.; Strommer, W.; Schraft, R.D.

International Fluidics Services Ltd. -IFS-, Kempston:
21st International Symposium on Industrial Robots '90. Proceedings
Kempston, 1990
ISBN: 1-85423-084-0
International Symposium on Industrial Robots <21, 1990, Copenhagen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
industrial robot; Industrieroboter; Off-line-Programmierung; off-line programming; programmieren

The paper describes methods of motion-oriented and task-oriented off-line programming techniques by discussing the state of the art and pointing out the research goals fo the near future. Motion-oriented off-line programming is increasingly executed with high level programming languages like BAPS (Bosch), KAREL (GMF), or IRL (draft ISO standard). The off-line programming system has changed from the state of a simple text editor to a more and more language supporting system. Task-oriented off-line programming systems on PC based systems for insertion of electronical components, soldering, and the assembly of wire harnesses have been developed at the IPA. All these are systems for so-called 2D-automation problems. Current research activities focus on 3D-automation problems like e.g. welding and varnishing. The future of off-line programming lies in the integrated off-line programming environment consisting of different integrated tools.