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Am Handgelenk zu befestigende Einrichtung zum Erfassen und Anzeigen der Pulsfrequenz und anderer hiervon ableitbarer Kreislaufparameter

Device for attachment to the wrist in order to detect and display the pulse rate and other circulation parameters derived therefrom
: Trueck, H.; Goll, R.; Chmiel, H.; Bauser, H.

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DE 1983-3345739 A: 19831217
DE 1983-3345739 A: 19831217
DE 3345739 C2: 19861002
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Device designed in the form of a wrist watch attached to the wrist having a housing (2) and a wrist strap (3) and at least one ultrasonic sensor attached to the wrist strap (3) comprising at least one ultrasonic emitter and one ultrasonic receiver and directed onto the radial artery in conjunction with an electronic evaluation device accommodated in the housing (2) for the detection and display (24) of circulation parameters, in particular the pulse rate, which can be derived from the systolic signals supplied by the sensor (1) as a result of the ultrasonic Doppler effect. The sensor (1) is designed and attached to the wrist strap (3) so that the systolic signals can be optimized on applying the device and this condition is maintained irrespective of hand and arm movements. Interference signals which can still not be eliminated in this way are prevented from having an effect on the display (24) of the device by a suitably designed evaluation device. A further development permits the de tection and display of the systolic blood pressure and the myocardial oxygen requirement.