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Transitional and Exterior Ballistics of High Velocity Projectiles

Abgangs- und Außenballistik von Hochgeschwindigkeitsgeschossen
: Warken, D.

4th European Electromagnetic Launch Society Topical Meeting
European Electromagnetic Launch Society Topical Meeting <4, 1993, Ayr>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer EMI ()
Abgangsballistik; ablation; aerothermodynamics; Aerothermodynamik; Außenballistik; exterior ballistics; Geschoß; Hochgeschwindigkeit; hypervelocity; projectile; transitional ballistics

One of the work packages in the field of high velocity launchers (electrothermal, coils, rails) is the development of high velocity projectiles. The goal of this topic is the design of hypervelocity projectile/sabot configurations which can withstand high-g acceleration inside the barrel and high temperature loadings during the flight. First tests performed in the EMI free flight range could demonstrate the ability to investigate the flight characteristics of unguided penetrator models as well as the aerodynamic heating using a passive telemetry system and reflected light photography.