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Towards a reference model for scientific visualization systems

: Felger, W.; Frühauf, M.; Göbel, M.; Hofmann, G.R.

Eurographics Workshop on Visualization in Scientific Computing 1990
Wien, 1990
Eurographics Workshop on Visualization in Scientific Computing <1, 1990, Clamart>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
reference model; Scientific visualisation

Reference models have been developed in various fields of information processing. The aim of such models is to define a unique basis for system development, system usage and for education and training. One of the first reference models in Computer Graphics was developed by Guedji et al. Today a (Standard) Computer Graphics Reference Model is under development by ISO. In areas like CAD reference models have already been established on a national basis. The emerging Imaging standard also defines a reference model for image operations. In Scientific Visualization various system models have been presented in recent years. These models focus on different aspects, such as a model for the visualization process, error accumulation, output pipelines in the visualization process, semantics of interaction in the visualization process, architecture and hierarchy of software modules, computing architectures and load sharing models, data and image interfaces. These models have been set up by users m ore often than by developers of tools. Each of the above models does not reflect the meaning of scientific visualization for it's own but just a certain view. Existing standards, like those known from Computer Graphics (GKS, PHIGS,...) are not covered by these models. This paper introduces a reference model for visualization systems and classifies existing models using the criteria of this reference model as a basis for comparison.