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Towards a conceptual framework for object-oriented feature definition

: Baumann, P.; Ovtcharova, J.

Proceedings of CAD. Graphics '91
International Conference on CAD and CG <2, 1991, Hangzhou>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
COISA; feature-based design; geometric modeling; object-oriented information modelling

Computer-aided design based on the notion of features is currently discussed in the scientific community as a means to catch more of the semantics, i.e. the designers's intent. Several models proposed in this area employ an object-oriented framework for feature description, according to the general attitude that adopting this paradigm will obtain a model which is more flexible and user-friendly in that it comes closer to human perception of "the world". However, up to now there is a large variety of "object-oriented" models, usually without further reflection on the underlying principles. To overcome this, we devote this paper to the relation between feature modeling and object-oriented concepts. Relying on the recently developed theory of Abstract Object Types, we advocate that features are not objects themselves, but data which describe the properties (literally: features) of objects. Thus feature modeling can be characterized as the art of defining and manipulating properties of des ign objects. (AGD)