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Time-resolved Penetration of Long Rods into Steel Targets

Zeitaufgelöste Penetration von langen Stäben in Stahltargets
: Hohler, V.; Stilp, A.J.; Walker, J.D.; Anderson, C.E.

International Journal of Impact Engineering 16 (1995), No.1, pp.1-18
ISSN: 0734-743X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer EMI ()
experiment; flash X-ray technique; numerical simulation; numerische Simulation; penetration; rod projectile; Röntgenblitztechnik; Stabprojektil; Stahltarget; steel target

The penetration behavior of tungsten alloy, long-rod penetrators into high-hard steel is investigated at two impact velocities; 1.25 km/s and 1.70 km/s. The positions of the nose and tail of the projectile were measured by means of 600 kV flash X-ray system at different times during penetration. The wavecode CTH was used to numerically simulate the experiments. The computational results are in very good agreement with the experimental position-time data. Additionally, the computational model reproduces the qualitative behavior for impact conditions near the ballistic limit.