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Time-of-Flight Measurements with Shear Horizontal Waves

: Hübschen, G.; Salzburger, H.-J.; Rao, B.C.; Raj, B.

Comite Europeen sur les Essais Non Destructifs -ECNDT-, Paris:
7th European Conference on Nondestructive Testing 1998. Vol. 3
Broendby, Denmark, 1998
ISBN: 87-986898-0-00
European Conference on Nondestructive Testing (ECNDT) <7, 1998, Copenhagen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
shear horizontal wave; time of flight measurement

Shear Horizontal (SH) waves generated by Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) have been used for sizing fatigue cracks and machined notches in steels by Time-of-Flight diffraction (TOFD) method. The used EMATs have been Phased Array-Probes and have been operated by State-of-the-art PC based phased array systems. Test and system parameters have been optimised to maximise defect detection and signal processing methods have been applied to improve accuracy in the transit time measurements.