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Three-dimensional effects affecting the precision of lifetime predictions

: Kordisch, H.; Sommer, E.

Cruse, T.A. ; American Society for Testing and Materials -ASTM-, Philadelphia/Pa.:
19th National Symposium on Fracture Mechanics '86. Proceedings
Philadelphia/Pa., 1988
National Symposium on Fracture Mechanics <19, 1986, San Antonio/Tex.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWM ()
constraint; crack propagation; finite element analysis; fracture mechanic; initiation; triaxiality

A series of laboratory experiments on smooth and side-grooved compact specimens, as well as plates under tension with surface flaws, has been reevaluated by means of three-dimensional elastic-plastic finite-element analyses. Particular emphasis is laid on the calculation of the local crack-tip loading parameter, J, and of the local constraint factor, q. These parameters are correlated with experimental findings concerning initiation and stable crack propagation. A first-güss correlation between q and the slope of J(Delta a) curves is established. (IWM)