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Thin surface layer (1nm-1mym) analysis with EPMA or SEM plus EDS - the principle and examples

: Willich, P.; Bethke, R.

Heikinheimo, E.; Broomberg, J. ; Helsinki University of Technology:
EMAS 1st Regional Workshop on Electron Probe Microanalysis of Materials Today '94 - Practical Aspects. Proceedings
Espoo: Teknillinen korkeakoulu, 1994 (Report TKK-V-B96)
ISSN: 0785-5168
ISBN: 951-22-2170-5
Regional Workshop on Electron Proce Microanalysis of Materials Today - Practical Aspects <1, 1994, Kirkkonummi>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IST ()
coating structure; dünne Schicht; electron probe microanalysis; Elektronenstrahlmikroanalyse; layered structure; Schichtstruktur

Electron probe microanalysis is presented as a versatile technique for the characterisation of thin films and layered structures. The composition of relatively thick (greater than 0.2 micrometer) coatings is studied in the "bulk analysis" mode at conditions of a sufficiently low electron energy (3-10keV). Real "thin film" analysis, which is a combined determination of film (mass) thickness and composition, is carried out at a relatively high electron energy, the film thickness can be as low as a few monolayers. Quantitative indepth analysis, which is based upon the simultaneous evaluation of experiments performed at different electron energies, is demonstrated by suitable example of layered structures.