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Thermodynamische Maschine, die nach dem Stirling-Prozess betreibbar ist

Stirling-type thermodynamic machine - contains chambers with heated and cooled walls in stacked pattern.
: Schmidt, T.

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DE 1995-19534379 A: 19950915
DE 1995-19534379 A: 19950915
DE 19534379 A1: 19970320
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The machine has two or more chambers in a closed housing, one wall of each being heated and the opposite one cooled. Displacement units (Vp) reciprocate between the chamber walls (Ww,Wk), moving a working medium to-and-fro and also a piston (A) on the housing and which is coupled to a kinetic energy-storage unit (Sr). The chambers form a stack, and two or more can be joined together so as to have a common heated or cooled wall. The heated and cooled walls can alternate, and there can be two separate liquid circuits, one supplying the walls to be heated and the other those to be cooled. The walls can contain chambers through which the liquid flows, and they can have heat-conductive strips on their surfaces. Alternatively the walls can form thin heat-conductive strips with heat-distribution tubes at right angles to them. USE/ADVANTAGE - Improved output from Stirling engine without increasing size, and no dead spaces in working gas can be trapped.