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Testing of aseptic machines for efficiency of sterilization of packaging materials by means of hydrogene peroxide

Untersuchung der Effizienz von Aseptikanlagen bei der Sterilisation von Packstoffen mittels Wasserstoffperoxid
: Cerny, G.


Packaging Technology and Science 5 (1992), No.2, pp.77-81
ISSN: 0894-3214
ISSN: 1099-1522
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
aseptic packaging machinery; Bacillus subtilis SA22; microbiological tester; sterilising equipment; packaging material; aseptic packaging; biological stress; microorganism; testing; Sterilisationsanlage; Packstoff; aseptisches Verpacken; biologische Beanspruchung; Mikroorganismen; Prüfung

Aseptic packaging machinery fills heat sterilized foods into sterilised packaging under aseptic conditions One of the main components of the aseptic machinery is the means of sterilizing the packaging material and the efficiency of this is of paramount importance. A method of measuring this efficiency using bacillus subtilis SA22 is described and evaluated.