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Tentacle-type ion exchangers for the chromatography of biopolymers based on functionalized plasma polymers

: Weber, A.; Stecher, F.; Klages, C.-P.; Müller, E.; Eisenbeiss, F.

GIT. Spezial (1995), No.1, Chromatographie, pp.45-48
ISSN: 0940-032X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IST ()
biochromatography; ion exchange; plasma polymer; plasma polymerization; tentacle-type

Tentacle-type ion exchangers were prepared using Fractogel 25000 coated with functionalized plasma polymers employing 2-propin-1-ol (propargyl alcohol) as monomer for the plasma polymerization process. The plasma was inductively generated by immersing a rotating reaction vessel into a radio frequency (13.56 MHz) coil. As revealed by IR spectroscopy the deposited plasma polymers on the Fractogel 25000 particles contain hydroxy and carbonyl groups. The functionalized plasma polymers were converted into basic tentacle-type ion exchangers. The performance of this material has been examined by the separation of proteins and by determination of the dynamic protein binding capacity.