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TELEMAN 15 - Assistant Navigation Block (A.N.B.)

: Langen, A.

European Commission, Directorate-General for Science, Research and Development, TELEMAN Programme; University of Technology of Delft:
TELEMAN TeleRobotics Research Conference
Delft, 1995
TELEMAN TeleRobotics Research Conference <1995, Noordwijkerhout>
European Robotics Network Workshop <1995, Noordwijerhout>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
AGVS; Autonomous mobile robot; EG-Projekt; fahrerloses Transportieren; FTS; navigation; navigationsassistent; Roboter; Robotersteuerung; Task Scheduler; TELEMAN; Telerobotik

The four modules for task scheduling, motion generation, perception processing, and security supervision have been built and integrated into the test vehicle. These modules brought extra capabilities to navigate the vehicle in unpredictable cluttered environments, as follows: navigation using high-level commands under teleoperated control; location of the vehicle with respect to its perceived environment; real-time planning of the most appropriate trajectory leading to the target; monitoring and control of vehicle motion; detection and avoidance of unexpected obstacles; protection from overhanging obstacles. The ANB is able to work under six modes of operation, with smooth path transition when changing between the following modes: basic tele-operation, preprogrammed motion, move-to-point, wall-following and corridor-centred motion, passing through doors, and rescue/recovery mode. The human operator has over-ruling capability at all times when the system is navigating autonomously. The incorporation of multisensor fusion also means that the system is robust to perception errors and sensor inaccuracies.