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Technometric comparison and perspectives of bioprocess-based environmental technology and biogenetic human diagnostics

: Koschatzky, K.; Reiß, T.

Research Evaluation 1 (1991), No.2, pp.69-78
ISSN: 0958-2029
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
bioremediation; Biotechnologie; biotechnology; immunoassay; Immuntest; indicator; Indikator; Leistungsfähigkeit; Schadstoffabbau; technical performance; technometrics; Technometrie

By means of the technometric approach this paper highlights selected areas of modern biotechnology and compares the state of the art of these technologies internationally. Under review are bioremediation of contaminated sites and immunoassays utilising monoclonal antibodies. The USA is at the forefront of technology in both cases. Surprisingly, France holds the second position in bioremediation, although public policy commitments to environmental issues are more pronounced in Germany. This may be because of the international commitment of the French companies. In immunodiagnostics Israel's technological excellence is comparable to the German performance, but due to a lack of risk capital, difficulties in marketing and little government funding Israel may not translate her excellence into a market success.