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A technology independent module generator for CLA adders

: Hosticka, B.J.; Maas, O.; Schardein, W.; Tröster, G.; Weghaus, B.

Olesen, O.:
ESSCIRC '92. 18th European Solid State Circuits Conference. Proceedings
Copenhagen: Kandrup, 1992
European Solid State Circuits Conference <18, 1992, Copenhagen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IMS ()
Addition; automatic layout generation; carry look-ahead adder; CMOS-realization; CMOS-Schaltung; CMOS-Technik; module generator; parameterizable cell; Rechnerunterstützer Schaltungsentwurf; regular layout; Systemparameter; technology independent

A technology indepenent generator for CLA adders in BiCMOS and CMOS is presented. It allows full automatic construction of past parallel adders with arbitrary word length and device sizing. The automatic design cycle comprises the schematics and layout generation, netlist extraction from layout, and verification with pseudo random numbers. Also, the critical path is analyzed and the worst case delay time gained by simulation. An example of an 16 bit adder in a 0.8fm BiCMOS and in a 2fm CMOS technolgy is included.