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Alles, und zwar immer sofort? Multimedia im ISDN

: Hemer, J.

NET 45 (1991), No.7/8, pp.297-301
ISSN: 0177-5499
ISSN: 0947-4765
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
Breitband; broadband; Dienst; ISDN; ISDN-Anwendung; ISDN-application; multimedia; Nutzererfahrung; service; telecommunication; Telekommunikation; user requirement; wideband; multimedia applications; economically viable data rates; remote access; technical servicing; information; museum network; pictorial information; multimedia systems; distribution networks; computer; reservation systems; graphics; games machines; animation; fine arts; Video; press; photographs; remote schooling

Multimedia is currently treated as if it's a new phenomen which it is not. However, multimedia can be a new stimulus to advanced communications applications and services. Various multimedia applications do exist, examples are given. They do not necessarily require broadband telecommunications networks, many can run on narrowband networks as well, such as on ISDN also can serve as a medium on which first experiences with multimedia telecommunications can be gained, on relatively low cost basis.