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Column especially for computer work-units - has equipment holder rotarily mounted on base plate, with basic body and metal outer covering.
: Kern, P.; Bauer, W.; Schmidt, M.; Ruf, F.

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DE 1997-19731440 A: 19970722
DE 1997-19731440 A: 19970722
EP 1998-110983 A: 19980616
DE 19731440 A1: 19990128
EP 893079 A2: 19990127
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The column (1) from which an equipment-holder (2)is suspended, is rotarily positioned on a base plate rotarily fixed to the ground. The C-shaped equipment-holder has rapid fastenings for fixing it at different heights to the columns. The column consists of a basic body with two-part metal planking enclosing at least one hollow interior. The top end side of the column has a light; the rear of the column has a screen (3) made of light-permeable, sound-proof material. The column is joined to a flexible partition(4). ADVANTAGE - Various computer components are easily and suitably contained in a multi-functional container.