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Al2O3-Sintermaterial, Verfahren zu seiner Herstellung und Verwendung des Materials

Alumina-Sinterprodukt und Verfahren zu seiner Herstellung
Alumina product of high purity - with small amount of internal defect
: Krell, A.; Blank, P.

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EP 1994-106040 A: 19940419
EP 1995-918570 A: 19950419
WO 1995-EP1474 W: 19950419
EP 1994-106040 A: 19940419
EP 756586 B1: 19971029
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EP 678489 A UPAB: 19951128 Alumina sinter product of 95-100% Al2O3 and Vickers low weight hardness of at least 2000 at a test force of 10-100N has a structure of ave. grain size of max. 1.5 microns, relative sinter density of at least 98.5% and inhomogeneity of frequency below 5 x 10+10m-2. The inhomogeneity consists of cracks and/or pores along the grain boundary of the powder aggregate with pores of dia. over twice that of the grain size. USE - For producing human implants, wear resistant products, cutting tools and grinding material. ADVANTAGE - The product is of high grade, and low defect Al2O3 with high hardness.