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Susceptibilty measurements on GPS receivers

: Braun, C.; Guidi, P.; Schmidt, H.U.

NATO, Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development -AGARD-, Neuilly-sur-Seine:
Environmental factors in electronic warfare related to aerospace systems : Papers presented at the Sensor and Propagation Panel Symposium, held at Pratica di Mare AFB Rome, Italy, 8-11 May 1995
Neuilly-sur-Seine: AGARD, 1996 (AGARD Conference Proceedings 573)
ISBN: 92-836-1028-8
Sensor and Propagation Panel Symposium <1995, Rom>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer INT ()
CW testing; Global Positioning System receiver; GPS antenna; GPS-Antenne; GPS-Empfänger; GPS receiver; low power microwave; pulse testing; susceptibility measurement; TEM wave-guide; threshold curve

This paper describes our low power microwave coupling measurements on four hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers in the frequency range between 0.3 ... 2 GHz. The plane wave excitation experiments have been carried out mainly in our field coupling facility, which enables us to generate CW field levels of up to 120 V/m or pulsed fields of more than 2 kV/m. The test objects were positioned in the simulator in three orthogonal orientations with respect to the external field.