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Surface modulations on metaloptics caused by vibrations in the microturning respectively fly-cutting process

: Weck, M.; Modemann, K.

21st Topical Conferences on Optical Sensing and Metrology
Conference on Optical Sensing and Metrology <21, 1988, Hamburg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPT ()
Diamantenwerkzeug; Maschinenschwingung; Metalloptik; Oberflächeninterferogramm; Simulationsprogramm; Ultrapräzisionsbearbeitung; Werkstückwelligkeit

The requirements for surface quality of workpieces such as metal-optics are increasing, specially if they are used as optics in high energy laser systems. This fact leads to an ongoing optimization effort of the microturning respectively fly-cutting process with a single point diamond tool. A selection of insufficiently machined workpieces has demonstrated that vibrations at the cutting zone modulate the surface contour. Recent measurements have shown that the static and dynamic compliance of ultraprecision machines has a great influence on these effects. In here statistically. Further examinations have pointed out that it is possible to correlate the measured vibration amplitudes at tool and headstock during the cutting process with the generated texture on the workpiece. The goal of the research work demonstrated in this article is to find out a measuring approach by using interferograms of machined surfaces. This enables to analyse the machine tool behaviour in process. It is necess ary to generate computerized interferograms which comprise the surface modulation caused by measured machine tool vibrations. Through the comparison of real and computerized interferograms it is possible to detect the vibration frequencies modulating the surface in a quality reducing manner. The man in the shop floor will be able to improve the machining process by comparing real and computerized interferograms of the machined surfaces. (IPT)