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Supporting instead of replacing the planner - a knowledge-based assistant system for factory layout planning

: Kloth, M.; Hellingrath, B.

Kookij, C.; MacConaill, P.A.; Bastos, J.:
Realising CIM's Industrial Potential. Proceedings of the 9th CIM-Europe Annual Conference
Amsterdam: IOS Press, 1993
ISBN: 90-5199-130-4
CIM-Europe Annual Conference <9, 1993, Amsterdam>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
assistant system; computer supported cooperative work; computer-unterstützte Gruppenarbeit; cooperative design; design; expert system; Expertensystem; Fabrikplanung; factory layout planning; Layoutplanung; simultaneous engineering

The paper describes a purpose of the development of an intelligent assistant system for the design of factory layouts. It first demonstrates that cooperative design and concurrent design is necessary in order to meet all the requirements of complex design tasks as they appear in enterprises. After a brief overview about the domain and existing approaches a prototype is presented and the advantages of assistant modes of use are shown. The problem solving process of design tasks incorporates a team of heterogeneous experts negotiating goals and restrictions to come to an entirely optimal solution. Intelligent assistant systems are able to support decisions, negotiation, and project management. Typical requirements of complex design tasks as they are mentioned below can be derived from the planning and design of factory layouts.