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Study of doping dependent p-n junction etch-stop using pulsed electrochemical anodization

: Schaber, U.; Offereins, H.L.; Seitz, S.; Gronegger, H.; Kühl, K.; Sandmaier, H.

Eurosensors VI. Book of Abstracts
Eurosensors <6, 1992, San Sebastian>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IFT; 2000 dem IZM eingegliedert
anisotropic; KOH solution; membrane; PICSES-2B; pulsed anodization

Experiments on a new selective etching method using pulsed potential anodization of p (10-15 ohm-cm) on 10-13 ohm-cm n-type (100) silicon wafers immersed in KOH/Hsub2O solution showed that etching stops several microns before the metallurgical p-n junction is reached. Electrical simulations of the forward biased p-n junction by PICES-2B feature a strong dependence between the diffusion length of holes and the remaining n-type materil on p-type silicon. To demonstrate this, several wafers with different carrier concentrations were etched successfully. This method offers the possibility of adjusting the thickness of p-type silicon membranes by a variation of the carrier concentration for p- as well as for n-type silicon.