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Stress determination in textured polycrystals using ultrasonic technique

: Goebbels, K.; Hirsekorn, S.; Pitsch, H.; Schneider, E.

Ultrasonics International '85. Proceedings
Guildford: Butterworth and Co. (Publishers), 1985
Ultrasonics International <1985, London>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
dispersion; Doppelbrechung; experiment; Polykristall; Schallgeschwindigkeit; Spannung; Streukoeffizient; Textur; Theorie; Ultraschall

The well-known method of stress determination in macroscopically isotropic polycrystals using ultrasonic birefringence is generalized for application to textured materials. The technique is based upon recently published theoretical work on wave propagation in polycrystals which allows the determination of texture from directional sound velocities and scattering coefficients. The effects of stress and texture on the ultrasonic propagation constants are separated exploiting the fact that contrary to stress texture causes frequency dependent birefringence. Experimental results are in general agreement with the theoretical data.