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Strangpressverfahren zur kontinuierlichen Herstellung von organisch gebundenen Formteilen und Einrichtung zur Durchfuehrung des Verfahrens

Hollow profile extrusion system - has organically bound fibres pressed into duct between inner die and outer shape and with wall thickness widening between heated guide surfaces to relax and set material.
: Buchholzer, P.

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DE 1996-19622521 A: 19960605
DE 1996-19622521 A: 19960605
EP 1997-108558 A: 19970528
DE 19622521 C2: 19980917
EP 811471 B1: 20010404
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The system coats wood chips or fibres with organic adhesive and feeds them into the space between an inner die (4) and an outer shape (3) using a granular spreader (1). The particulate is compressed by a piston (6) in a repetitive process to produce the extrusion. The bottom end of the die has a tapering profile (5) to allow the compressed material to relax. The final part of the process has the relaxed profile supported between an inner perforated guide (7) and outer continuous belt drives (9). The final, relaxed process applies heat via super heated steam, to set the material. The continuous belt drives are dragged along by the friction contact with the extrusion. The extrusion passes through a final cooling stage to remove residual steam and to dry the extrusion. ADVANTAGE - Continuous process which can be used for all types of hollow cross section extrusion.