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Steuerungen für Roboter - Stand der Technik

: Duelen, G.; Schmidt, W.

Schweißen und Schneiden 42 (1990), No.6, pp.274-278
ISSN: 0036-7184
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Automationsklasse; basic function; Bewegungsplanung; category of automation; control function; growth for robots; Grundfunktion; path scheduling; Roboterwachstum; sensor interface; Sensorschnittstelle; Steuerungsfunktion; Steuerungsstruktur

The degree of flexibility is reflected in the three standard categories in which industrial automation is classified. Robotics is found to be closely allied with programmable automation. The function which present-day robotics has in its armoury can be divided into basic and special functions. In the robot systems currently used, the control system architecture still consist of program interpreter, movement scheduling and axis controller. To solve the inverse kinematic problem for robots whose kinematic chains do not meet the central hand conditions the use of iterative numerical methods is necessary. To identify changes of state in the production process, use is made of sensors. Suitable interfaces and sensor functions are needed. Finally the rates of growth for industrial robots in Japan, Europe and the USA are compared.