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Steuerungen für Roboter - Erweiterte Funktionalität

: Schröer, K.; Duelen, G.; Münch, H.; Schmidt, W.

Schweißen und Schneiden 42 (1990), No.9, pp.448-451
ISSN: 0036-7184
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Bewegungsplanung; force-torque control; Kalibration of IR; Kalibrierung von IR; Kraft-Wegregelung; Kraftregelungsprinzipien; motion planning; position accuracy; Positioniergenauigkeit; principles of force control; spline interpolation; Splineinterpolation; transformation errors; Transformationsfehler

To increase the absolute position accuracy of industrial robots it is necessary to identify the reasons for position errors. The calibration process realizes the specification of geometrical errors due to manufacturing tolerances, gear transmission errors and deviation of the kinematic elements due to compliance and elastic of gears. A sophistocate function for the motion planning is the spline interpolation. Given a path and path velocity the interpolation function realizes a jerk-free velocity profile. Basis for the interpolation are polynoms of higher order. An example is shown for a cubic spline. For tasks in which the robot is in contact with the work piece surface the actuator control must be done by force/torque controllers. Dependent on the specified task the controller must realize an appropriate control strategy. For deburring processes a hybrid position/force/torque control is presented, in which the activ force vectors can be switched by matrices. The resolved problem of th e transformation error is discussed for which the Jacobi - matrix is used.