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Steuerungen für Roboter - Entwicklungstendenzen

: Duelen, G.; Schmidt, W.

Schweißen und Schneiden 42 (1990), No.7, pp.323-327
ISSN: 0036-7184
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Aufgabenplanung; Bewegungsoptimierung; Off-line-Programmiersystem; off-line programming system; reference model for robot control; search graph motion optimization; Steuerungsreferenzmodell; Suchgraph; task planning

For solving complex problems, movements with specified force/torque are demanded. For this, beside of position controller. The resulting controller generation is a multi-sensor system to perceive changes in the world around the robot. A referenc model is presented by four hierarchical control levels with interfaces to the application process and to the higher level of cell control. For the time being, artifical intelligence is being applied in robotics to a not very complicated environment, i. e. by searching through state spaces. Where a-priori information exist, goal oriented planning can be performed offline. An example for the optimization of the velocity profile is discussed. An off-line programming system will be represented for task planning and simulation of the behavior of all the components involved in the production process.