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STEP and its relation to computer graphics

: Rix, J.; Burkert, A.; Ungerer, M.

National Security Industrial Association -NSIA-:
CALS EXPO '93. Proceedings
CALS <1993, Atlanta/Ga.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
computer; graphic; modelling; presentation; product; standard; STEP

This paper presents the Initial Release of STEP in the context of Computer Graphics. After a short overview about the Initial Release of STEP, the paper evaluates those Parts of STEP of special interest for Computer Graphics, mainly the Geometry and Presentation model (Parts 42 and 46). In addition the relation to existing graphics standards of ISO and CALS are addressed. We also look at other parts developed within the STEP community and evaluate their relationship and their requirements for graphical presentations. Besides those parts of the Initial Release, like Draughting (part 201), this includes perspectives for parts like technical publishing, or automotive design. The requirements for future developments both in computer graphics and in STEP are discussed.