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Statistical characterization of GaAs E/D HEMT analog components for data conversion ICs

: Feng, S.; Seitzer, D.

European Gallium Arsenide and Related III-V Compounds Applications Symposium 1994. Proceedings
Torino, 1994
European Gallium Arsenide and Related III-V Compounds Application Symposium <1994, Torino>
Gallium Arsenide Application Symposium <1994, Torino>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IIS A ( IIS) ()
HEMT; high electron mobility transistor; Monte-Carlo simulation; parameter extraction; Parameterextraktion

Based on the Raytheon model, GaAs E/D HEMT model parameters are measured and their statistical deviations and correlation coefficients are determined. Output current deviations of transistor current sources and DC offset voltages of differential amplifiers, which represent basic limitations of precise data conversion ICs, are characterized using these experimental data and derived equations with seven model parameters. Monte-carlo simulations are carried out on an 8 bit D/A converter and a latched comparator, which were implemented in 0.5 µm GaAs E/D HEMT technology, and simulated results are shown to be identical to measured accuracies of these two circuits.