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Airless spraying device
: Gentischer, J.; Kwasny, P.; Breitschwerdt, G.

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DE 1989-3915397 A: 19890511
DE 1989-3915397 A: 19890511
DE 3915397 C2: 19921217
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The description refers to an airless spraying device, in particular for paint, comprising a vessel to receive the medium to be sprayed, a spraying head (1) having a pump (4), a rise tube projecting in the inside of the vessel and a drive device having an electric motor (5) for the pump. The vessel is a common disposable spray can (2) with an integrated shut-off valve (12). The spray head (1) forms, together with the drive unit (5, 20, 21, 22), a single unit which can be clamped onto the common disposable spray can (2) and has a handle (6) to which a holding device (30, 32) receiving the disposable spray can (2) can be joined, through which the disposable spray can (2) is pressed against a trigger pin (11) provided on the spray head, thus opening the shut-off valve (12) and creating the connection to the pump (4).