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Stand der Entwicklung und Anwendung der Ultrapräzisionstechnik

: Weck, M.; Luderich, J.

6. Internationales Braunschweiger Feinbearbeitungskolloquium '90
Internationales Braunschweiger Feinbearbeitungskolloquium <6, 1990, Braunschweig>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPT ()
Bearbeitungstechnologie; Maschinenkomponente; Meßtechnik; Präzisionstechnik; Ultrapräzisionstechnik

Ultaprecision diamond turning or milling are the most precise technologies for the production of parts which require reflecting sufaces accurate to a few tens of nanometers. For the succesfull production of such workpieces a lot of know-how is necessary in the fields of the machine and the production technologies. In this paper the state of the art in diamond turning and the problems which may occur from the machine tool behavior and the cutting technology will be discussed.