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Sprinkler head
: Denner, W.J.; Kniep, V.; Gentischer, J.; Meinert, E.

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DE 1985-3539301 A: 19851106
DE 1985-3539301 A: 19851106
DE 3539301 C2: 19891012
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a sprinkler head for fire extinguishing systems, said sprinkling head having a lock, a seal, a strike head and a trigger device whereby the lock also assumes the function of the spray diffuser. In the event of a fire, a trigger device is provided comprising a trigger element produced from a shape memory alloy and provided with two legs which move towards or away from each other in the event of a temperature increase. Furthermore, a rounded expanded outlet and a sprinkler diffuser for distributing the extinguishing water are provided in the sprinkler head.