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Eine Sprache für die featureorientierte Beschreibung und Verarbeitung von Produktgestaltungsinformationen

: Kramer, S.; Rieger, E.

Krause, F.-L.; Ruland, D.; Jansen, H.:
CAD '92. Neue Konzepte zur Realisierung anwendungsorientierter CAD-Systeme. GI-Fachtagung
Berlin: Springer, 1992 (Informatik Aktuell)
ISBN: 3-540-55494-7
CAD <1992, Berlin>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Computer Aided Design (CAD); feature; feature description language; feature modeling; featurebeschreibunssprache; featuremodellierung; information modelling; Informationsmodellierung; Modellierungssprache; Produktentwicklung; Produktgestaltung

For efficient computer aided design it is nessessary to provide an object oriented modelling environment. This requirement is fulfilled by using the feature approach. Features are intelligent design objects, including their shape and their functional and technological behaviour. A language has been developed to describe features in an object oriented manner. This language allows the description of all feature related information, including design rules and functional constraints. New features are generated in a graphical interactive environment. The resulting textual feature description is then interpreted during runtime, taking into account the current design state. The described feature modeller is part of an integrated system for product and process modelling.