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AHDL-model of a 2D mechanical finite-element usable for micro-electro-mechanical systems

: Bielefeld, J.; Pelz, G.; Zimmer, G.

International Workshop on Behavioral Modeling and Simulation 1997
Arlington, Va., 1997
International Workshop on Behavioral Modeling and Simulation (BMAS) <1997, Arlington/Va.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IMS ()
Finite-Elemente-Methode (FEM); Mikrosystemtechnik; Spezifikationssprache

This paper deals with a two-dimensional quadrilateral mechanical finite-element model written in an analog hardware description language. With that, arbitrary cross-sections of mechanical structures of micro-electro-mechanical systems can be modeled and incorporated into its electronical system environment. With this, a real-life example, i.e. a circular-shaped pressure sensor, can be dynamically co-simulated with its red-out electronics.