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Speckle-Interferometrie-Verfahren zur Gewinnung topographischer Informationen von einer Objektoberflaeche sowie dafuer geeignete Speckle-Interferometrie-Vorrichtung

Speckle interferometry method for obtaining topographical information of object surface - radiating surface from two points and compares light intensity analysis of resultant interferograms to obtain information.
: Evertz, J.; Faber, C.; Pfeifer, T.

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DE 1995-19521551 A: 19950616
DE 1995-19521551 A: 19950616
DE 19521551 C2: 19981126
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The method involves radiating the object surface (7) from a source (2) with a light beam of wave length lambda which is projected from a radiation head (5, 20, 21) at a first fixed source point relative to the surface. The light scatters at the object surface and passes through an optical system (11, 23) to an opto-electronic sensor where a speckle pattern is generated. A first speckle interferogram is generated by supplying the sensor with a reference beam coherent with the object beam and then a second interferogram is generated with the object radiated from a second point. For each interferogram the light intensity at every point on the sensor image is established and is compared to obtain the topographical information. USE/ADVANTAGE - For qualitative and quantitative determination of deformations on rough surfaces. Uses a single constant radiation wavelength.