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Specific heat of Delta Bond 152, EPO-TEK H2OE, and Wood's metal at low temperatures.

Spezifische Wärme von Delta Bond 152, EPO-TEK H2OE und Wood-Metall bei tiefen Temperaturen
: Petzoldt, F.; Weyhe, S.; Junge, B.; Bruns, S.; Gey, W.

Cyrogenics 23 (1983), No.3, pp.166-167
ISSN: 0011-2275
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
epoxide; specific heat; temperature dependence; ultralow temperature; wood metal

The specific heat, C, of Delta Bond 152, EPO-TEK H20E, and Wood's metal has been measured in temperature regimes between 0.1 K and 9 K. For the filled epoxies, fitted parameters for C(T) are presented. Our data on Wood's metal deviate from literature data above Tapprox. = 4 K.