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Spannungsgesteuerter Oszillator

Oscillator circuit with two amplifier stages - supplies inputs of each amplifier stage with voltage via inductance in form of monolithic integrated coil.
: Wang, Z.; Berroth, M.

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DE 1993-4331499 A: 19930916
DE 1993-4331499 A: 19930916
DE 4331499 C2: 19990304
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The oscillator circuit includes at least two amplifier stages (22,23) encumbered by capacitance. The supply voltage side outputs are coupled together in pairs via a capacitance (31). At least one inductance is connected to the input of at least one amplifier stage. The inputs (14,24) of each amplifier stage are supplied with a voltage over an inductance (12,13). The inductances can be formed by monolithic integrated coils. The inductances are implemented as monolithic integrated coplanar micro-striplines. ADVANTAGE - Has very small construction, has high quality balanced signal parts and very low leakage fields, and can generate oscillation frequencies in region of 10 GHz.