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Sound radiation of a cantilever plate - comparisons of BEM results with experimental data

: Estorff, O. von; Homm, A.; Bartels, F.

Betech '91. 6th International Conference on Boundary Element Technology
International Conference on Boundary Element Technology <6, 1991, Southampton>
Conference Paper
Forschungsgruppe Hydroakustik; 1992
Abstrahlung; allgemeine Platte; Ausbreitung; boundary element method; numerische Berechnung; räumlich; Richtcharakteristik; Schallabstrahlung; Schwingung; Welle

The sound radiation of a vibrating cantilever plate is investigated by a combined Finite Element / Boundary Element approach. First, in a FE-analysis the mode shapes of the plate are determined. Second, for three selected frequencies the acoustic pressure distribution around the plate is calculated using an indirect boundary element formulation. The results are compared with experimental data in order to show the accuracy and applicability of the numerical approach.