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Aetzfluessigkeit zum anisotropen Aetzen von Silizium und Verfahren zu deren Verwendung

Etching fluid for anisotropic etching of silicon and process for its use
: Schnakenberg, U.; Benecke, W.

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DE 1989-3920644 A: 19890623
DE 1989-3920644 A: 19890623
DE 3920644 C1: 19901220
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A description is given of a process for anisotropic etching of semiconducting materials, the process being suitable for use in cleanrooms. The majority of known etching processes in microstructure technology use etching fluids which are not suitable for application in cleanrooms or which call for major safety precautions. Known cleanroom-compatible processes use etching solutions which are not compatible with the standard metallizing processes in IC production as they destroy the conductors and contacts made of aluminium. In the process according to the invention, an etching solution is used which is cleanroom-compatible and has high selectivity to aluminium. Conductors and contacts made of aluminium are not attacked.