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Solarzelle mit einem, eine Oberflaechentextur aufweisenden Emitter sowie Verfahren zur Herstellung derselben

Solar cell manufacturing method with grid-shaped surface texture emitter layer - forming heavily doped n-type surface in top region of base material and selectively etching emitter layer.
: Wettling, W.; Glunz, S.

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DE 1995-19522539 A: 19950621
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The method involves providing a base material having an n-type doped emitter layer provided a grid-formed surface layer. In the top region of the base material is formed an n(++) doping layer over the entire surface. The emitter layer is then selectively etched, using a mask to form the surface texture. Thus acutely tipped rib lines of oppositely intersecting type are formed, whose top section consists of the n(++) doped layer, while its lower part consists of the base material. Pref. the textured surface after etching is additionally n(+) doped over the entire surface. ADVANTAGE - Improvement of PERL solar cell with simple manufacture and increased efficiency. Minimum surface area not taking part in light conversion.