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Solar EUV irradiance form the San Marco ASSI - a reference spectrum

Solare EUV Strahlungsmessung mit dem San Marco ASSI - ein Referenzspektrum
: Schmidtke, G.


Geophysical research letters 19 (1992), No.21, pp.2175-2178 : Tab.,Lit.
ISSN: 0094-8276
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPM ()
calibration; extreme ultraviolet; extremes Ultraviolett; Kalibrierung; reference spectrum; Referenzspektrum; satellite spectrometer; Satellitenspektrometer; solar radiation; Sonnenstrahlung

The only satellite measurement of the solar EUV irradiance during solar cycle 22 has been obtained with the Airglow Solar Spectrometer Instrument (ASSI) aboard the San Marco 5 satellite flown in 1988. The ASSI in-flight calibration parameters are established by using the internal capabilities of ASSI and by comparing ASSI results to the results from other space-based experiments on the ASSI calibration rocket and the Solar Mesospheric Explorer (SME). A solar EUV irradiance spectrum derived from ASSI observations on November 10, 1988 is presented as a reference spectrum for moderate solar activity (F10.7 approximately equal 150) for the aeronomy community. This ASSI spectrum should be considered as a refinement and extension of the solar EUV spectrum published for the same day by Woods and Rottman [1990]. This new reference solar spectrum covers the wavelength range from 20 to 200 run and is presented in a format similar to the 37 wavelength intervals defined by Torr and Torr [1985] .