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Sol-gel processing - an alternative way to glasses for optoelectronics

: Roggendorf, H.; Schmidt, H.

Glasses for Optoelectronics (1989), pp.40-44
Glasses for Optoelectronics <1989, Paris>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ISC ()
coating; Mikrostruktur; optoelectronic glass; ormocere; sol-gel

The sol-gel route to glass offers considerable advantages. Among these the control of composition, low processing temperatures, organical modifications of inorganic polymers leading to a new a class of glass-like materials, the processing of sols to coatings or powders, and the possibilities to structurize glasses are interesting for optoelectronic glasses. Future perspectives of sol-gel processing of optoelectronic glasses as well as some experimental results concerning the state of the art are given.