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Smart power switches for inverter applications

Intelligens teljes!tmenykapcsol"k inverteres alkalmaz sa
: Gabriel, R.; Stein, E.

Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference
Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference <1990, Budapest>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IMS ()
high voltage Smart Power device; hybrid circuit; inverter; power integrated circuit; SOI

The paper will discuss two practical ways to get smart power switching elements for the use in inverter applications. The first is a new technology for Smart Power devices using SOI technology developed for VLSI circuits, which seems to give high voltage power integrated circuits a first realistic chance. Nearly all known power transistor technologies can be integrated. A 10 A / 500 V Smart DMOS device with integrated control and driving circuitry will be presented. The second is implemented in a more conventional way by using hybrid circuit technology with a full costum integrated circuit and a standard MOS or IGTB transistor with the same target to get a Smart Power circuit. This method seems to be a more economic possibility in low volume applications. Both circuits have been implemented and practical results are presented. Circuits, results and technology will be discussed.