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Small spot ESCA and scanning XPS investigations compared to scanning auger microanalysis.

Small spot ESCA und scanning XPS Untersuchungen im Vergleich zur Scanning Auger Mikroanalyse
: Brünger, W.H.

Beiträge zur elektronenmikroskopischen Direktabbildung von Oberflächen : BEDO (1988), No.21, pp.49 ff
ISSN: 0340-3815
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISIT ()
high resolution XPS; surface analysis; X-ray lithography

Small spot ESCA with an Al K(alpha) X-ray source and a focussing monochromator has reached a spatial resolution of 150 mym. First experiments with illumination by synchrotron radiation without additional zone plate demagnification give the same spotsize but a 10 fold intensity. Experiments with Scanning XPS by moving an electron beam over the backside of a 2 mym thick Si membrane have shown the same count rates of photoelectrons as with an Al K(alpha) source but in a spot of only 4 mym. Scanning Auger microscopy gives a resolution of 50 nm for Si-Ta lines without topography and a resolution of 200 nm for a 1 mym high Au-step on a Si substrate at 10 keV primary electron energy. (IMT)