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Sintering and microstructure of Si3N4-materials

: Hermel, W.; Herrmann, M.; Schulz, I.


Hoffmann, M.J.; Becher, P.F.; Petzow, G.:
Silicon Nitride 1993. International Conference on Silicon Nitride-Based Ceramics. Proceedings : Stuttgart, October 4 - 6, 1993
Brookfield: Trans Tech Publications, 1994 (Key engineering materials 89/91)
ISBN: 0-87849-668-8
International Conference on Silicon Nitride-Based Ceramics <1993, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
mechanical property; mechanische Eigenschaft; microstructure; Mikrostruktur; powder property; Pulvereigenschaft; Siliciumnitrid; silicon nitride; sintering; Sintern

The improvement of the properties of Beta-Si3N4- ceramics is connected with the optimization of sintering and microstructure. The sintering behaviour of Si3N4-materials synthesized from different powders was investigated by dilatometric measurements, by the analysis of the phase content and of distribution of pores and sintering additives during the sintering process. The shrinkage can be correlated with the characteristics of powders, the microstructure of the green bodies, the content of the sintering additives and the interaction with the sintering atmosphere. Decisive factors for the formation of the microstructure are, in addition to the sintering cycle and the Beta-Si3N4-content of the initial powder, the grain size of the Beta-Si3N4-grains.