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The simulation of radiant light transfer with stochastic ray-tracing

: Lange, B.

European Association for Computer Graphics -EUROGRAPHICS-, Spanish Chapter:
Second Eurographics Workshop on Rendering 1991. Proceedings : Participants Edition
Barcelona, 1991
Eurographics Workshop on Rendering <2, 1991, Barcelona>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Area Source; Diffuse Interreflection; Importance Sampling; Indirect Illumination; Markov Chain; Monte Carlo method; Monte Carlo methods; stochastic ray-tracing

In the following an implementation of the Rendering Equation according to Kajiya (Kajiya 86) is presented, that models the radiant light transfer in oder to generate photorealistic images. By invoking a probabilistic model of the radiation exchange process and applying Monte Carlo sampling techniques, it is possible to utilize an already existing ray-tracer by modifying it. A view-dependent solution is presented that can handle diffuse and specular reflections and that can also model the illumination from area sources of circular shape. Moreover, a weighting factor for the sampled intensities has been developed that provides not only a correct treatment of the intensity variations of illumination in dependence of the distance, but can also be used to accelerate the image generation process by controlling the number of paths to be traced for each pixel individually as required by the particular lighting situation for the corresponding point in the scene, without producing a loss in accu racy.