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Silver ion transport in AgI-Ag2O-B2O3 glasses

: Sebastian, K.; Frischat, G.H.

Physics and Chemistry of Glasses 33 (1992), No.5, pp.199-203
ISSN: 0031-9090
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISC ()
AgI-Ag2O-B2O3-Glas; Diffusionskoeffizient; Glas; Ionentransport; Leitfähigkeit

Electrical conductivity and silver self diffusion were studied on several superionic conducting glasses of the system AgI-Ag2O-B2O3 at 24 to 182xC. The specific electrical conductivity (between 1x10exp(-3) and 8x10exp(-2) S/cm) was obtained by the complex impedance method and the silver self diffusion coefficient (between 2x10exp(-9) and 7x10exp(-7) cmxcm/s) was measured by an in-situ method, making use of the radiation absorption in the sample. Comparison with previously reported conductivities shows that the thermal history and/or the method of preparing glasses exerts a strong influence on the results. The conductivities and the silver self diffusion coefficients, obtained on glasses with identical thermal histories, were related using the Nernst-Einstein equation. Haven ratios of 0.19 to 0.38 , both of which depend slightly on composition and temperature, could be an indication of an interstitialcy mechanism for the Ag+ transport.