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Silicon technologies for sensor fabrication

: Mokwa, W.

Seyama, T.; Yamauchi, S.:
Chemical sensor technology
Tokyo: Kodansha, 1992
pp.43-62 : Lit.
Book Article
Fraunhofer IMS ()
CVD; Gasphasenabscheidung; ISFET; Lithographie; lithography; micromechanics; Mikromechanik; oxygen sensor; SAW; sensor; silicium; silicon; silicon-on-insulator; SOI-Technologie; Technologie; technology

Progress in semiconductor technology has been very fast in the latest years. Silicon devices are available having a very high functionality and complexity. This progress was only possible by a thorough study of the chemical, physical, electronical and technological aspects of silicon and silicon devices. Beside thinking of silicon as a material for the fabrication of microelectronic circuits, silicon is also promising sensor material. The use of silicon technologies for sensor fabrication allows in a variety of applications the integration of electronic circuits together with the sensing element on one chip. Besides lowering manufacturing costs for high volume production the silicon integration of both sensors and electronics offers several significant advantages, such as small-size and low weight, close physical proximity of sensors and readout, and the possibility of integrating multi-sensor arrays in combination with highly complex signal processing.