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Silicon nitride-Nd2O3/Al2O3 powders prepared by precipitation of the oxide additives

Siliciumnitrid-Nd2O3/Al2O3 Pulver, hergestellt durch Fällung der oxidischen Additive
: Richter, H.J.; Hermel, W.


Hoffmann, M.J.; Becher, P.F.; Petzow, G.:
Silicon Nitride 1993. International Conference on Silicon Nitride-Based Ceramics. Proceedings : Stuttgart, October 4 - 6, 1993
Brookfield: Trans Tech Publications, 1994 (Key engineering materials 89/91)
ISBN: 0-87849-668-8
International Conference on Silicon Nitride-Based Ceramics <1993, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Fällung; Oberflächenladung; Oberflächenmodifizierung; oxide additives; oxidische Additive; precipitation; processing; Siliciumnitrid; silicon nitride; surface charge; surface modification

Silicon nitride-Nd2O3/Al2O3 powder mixtures were prepared by in-situ precipitation of the sintering additives as hydroxides from an aqueous nitrate solution. It is shown that the surface charge characteristics of these powders are determined by the oxide additive layer. TEM studies verify the precipitation of nanosized oxide particles on Si3N4. The influence of organic additives on the surface charge properties of the suspended powder is discussed with respect to the preparation and the processing of aqueous slurries.