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Sicherheitszelle zur sicheren Aufnahme von Druckgasflaschen

Safety cell for the safe storage of pressure cylinders
: Strickler, A.; Steiner, K.

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DE 1995-19508046 A: 19950307
DE 1995-19508046 A: 19950307
DE 19508046 C2: 19971002
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to safety cells for the safe storage of gas bottles connected to a fresh-air and waste-air system, said safety cells offering a higher degree of safety than conventional cells in the event of a damage event. In the solution according to the invention, a scenario occurs in which either an optimum fire protection is provided by forcefully shutting off the supply air and waste air, or the gas bottle valve(s) is (are) shut off and/or the waste air volume is increased depending on an accident situation detected by sensors.